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While I have a remarkable responsibility for being inaugurated as the chairman of Surim Cultural Foundation after the late Mr. Kim Hee-Su, I sincerely promise to perform the mission of Surim Cultural Foundation

The Foundation was established by the late Mr. Kim Hee-Su in 2009. He was very successful entrepreneur who had lived in Japan for over half-century. But he had lofty patriotism for Korea during his life. He had convinced that the young generation should be a ray of the light for brightening a dark side of society. So the late Mr. Kim dedicated himself to educate the young generation. He founded Ganai Institute in Japan and had served the chairman of Choong-Ang University for over 20 years.

The current environment for the field of culture & arts is rapidly changing due to the internal and external turbulence such as an economic unstableness. The excesses of globalization have strongly influenced on changing even our concept to time and space. The whole world becomes the global village. The global village is rapidly moving toward multicultural society. The meaning of culture would not be expressed by the fixed and static concepts these days.

The symbolic words of Surim Cultural Foundation are , , , . The Foundation will try to its best on bridging cultural gap between social classes, preserving Korean traditional performing arts, nurturing cultural art talents, and cultural exchange between Korean and other countries.